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Museum of the Real Madrid Football Club, Madrid

Museum of the Real Madrid Football Club, Madrid

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In the Spanish capital there is a museum dedicated to the club Real Madrid. In the museum, consisting of 2 rooms, you can find out the history of the club, from the moment of its creation, about its players, victories and other moments in the life of the team. In total, the museum exhibits 250 exhibits.

What can be seen in the museum

The museum contains photographs, documents, belongings of athletes, as well as numerous cups won. On a huge stand are photographs of all the players who have ever played in its main squad since 1902 (from the moment it was created). Photos of modern football players playing in the current squad are taken at full height and visitors are allowed to take pictures with them. A huge number of posters, clippings from magazines telling about the history of the club are hung on the walls of the museum. The inscriptions are made in Spanish and English.

The museum is equipped with a modern interactive audio-visual system, thanks to which visitors can watch videos, get acquainted with historical documents on high-resolution monitors.

Museum treasures include the boots of the legendary striker Alfredo Di Stefano, goalkeeper gloves Iker Casillas, as well as the boots in which Predrag Miyatovic played, who scored the only and decisive goal in the 1998 Champions League final match.

Real Madrid Football Trophies

The museum has a large number of various trophies and artifacts of the club, eloquently speaking about the brilliant victories of the team. The very first award of Real Madrid is the Spanish Cup (1905). The club's piggy bank includes 31 victorious games in the Spanish championship, 9 European championship cups, 3 Intercontinental cups, in 2000 the club won the FIFA Grand Cup “The Best Club of the 20th Century”, and in 2002 won the European Super Cup.

All cups are arranged in a row, and the best gaming moments from European championships in which Real won, are continuously repeated on television screens located in the museum.

Real Madrid Basketball Team

The museum displays exhibits dedicated not only to the football team, but also to the basketball team, which is less known, but has many awards. The exposition consists of photographs of players, won cups, awards, historical facts, that is, everything that talks about Spanish basketball. A special place is given to Fernando Martin - the first Spaniard to get into the NBA.

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