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Maritime Museum in Madrid, Spain

Maritime Museum in Madrid, Spain

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There are people who love museums. Maritime Museum of Madrid Must visit!

Finding a museum is very simple. Metro station Banco de Espana. From Plaza de Cibeles, turn onto Paseo del Prado. Here you have the museum. The museum does not work long, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rather, it is only during these hours that the public is allowed there. The rest of the time there is research and educational work. The museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays. Knowing the attitude of the Spaniards to the time, you should not come to the museum for the opening. This is best done by 11 o’clock, not earlier. But no later than 12 hours. Otherwise, you risk not seeing everything.

The museum is not very ancient. He turned 160 last year. It was created as a base for the training of Spanish sailors. Like everything in Spain, the creation of the museum dragged on for 50 years. The collection was collected from all over the country. The Royal House, the Ministry of the Sea and private collectors helped. As a result, it turned out great!

The museum has an amazing collection covering the history of Spanish navigation from the 15th century to the present. Children will be delighted with the halls dedicated to Columbus. Caravels, galleons, frigates ... The smell of oceans soars in the halls, the atmosphere of mysterious adventures. There are halls dedicated to the nautical affairs of the times of Franco, the modern fleet of Spain.

Men will like the halls with weapons: cold and firearms. There are unique items brought by Spanish sailors from the islands of Oceania. It’s enough to name a shark-tooth sword.

Among the most valuable exhibits are the map of the American coast, compiled by Juan de la Cos in 1500, 8 years after the discovery of America!

Of particular note is the museum’s painting collection. The works of the best battle marinists are widely represented in all halls.
To visit the museum left the most vivid impression, it is advisable to visit the museum with a guide. The museum itself provides such an opportunity on Saturdays and Sundays (beginning at 11.30). Entrance to the museum is free. This is also important, right?

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