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Grandfather of the Russian Navy, Myasoedov, 1871

Grandfather of the Russian Navy, Myasoedov, 1871

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The grandfather of the Russian fleet is Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov. 100x155

From the gloom of a linen barn, a light grabs a group of people from an old boat. For the prince nobles accompanying the future king.

The past and future of a great country make up the plot of the picture.

The past is the boyars of the royal retinue. Frankly bored, indifferent. One of the retinues is depicted yawning widely. Convinced of the meaninglessness of what is happening, those accompanying the Tsarevich are in a hurry to return to their favorite pastimes: feasts, afternoon sleep, and easier searches for services.

The future is the prince himself, a young boyar in a blue caftan, boys removing covers from a boat. This group clearly shows sincere attention to the story of a stranger. This interest is not idle. Perhaps right now in the head of the young prince plans to rebuild the entire huge power begin to emerge. The boys are future soldiers of the amusing army, statesmen of a new type. The young boyar is a close friend of the future king, an associate.

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