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"The road in the rye", Myasoedov - description of the painting

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The road in the rye is Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov. 65x145

The rye field in the picture poured heavy gold. The author hid from the public the face of the traveler, thereby summarizing his image. There is no road without a traveler, just as there is no traveler without a road.

An endless evening sky hung over the field. The viewer's gaze is directed by the artist to where the sky meets the earth. The unattainable distance from where the clouds appear is the traveler’s goal.

The meticulousness and accuracy of the artist in the image of each spikelet, each blade of grass on the road surprises and delights.

The dark gold and rich green colors of the lower, earthly part of the picture are harmoniously complemented by an ensemble of white, pink and blue colors of the sky.

The evening atmosphere of the picture is filled with sadness. This stems from the stooped back of the traveler. His whole pose - doomed, gloomy - creates a feeling of some hopelessness. It is amazing how one detail can give the whole work a special meaning.

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