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Siberian Beauty, Surikov, 1891

Siberian Beauty, Surikov, 1891

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Siberian beauty - Vasily Surikov. 50x39

True beauty does not need jewelry - it is precisely such a thought that occurs to the viewer in front of the portrait. Here we have a bright Siberian girl full of life and energy.

A young woman in a Russian outfit radiates joy and warmth. In black eyes full of mischief, happiness shines. A bright blush and a white-toothed smile complete the overall impression of the work.

The suit is selected with a remarkable taste. Black, embroidered with gold, a sundress, a snow-white shirt, a white shawl with gold embroidery. The ensemble of black, white and gold - restrained, elegant, elegant. The dark background makes the image even brighter. Soft light evenly illuminates the model without highlighting anything.

Singing the natural female beauty, the author considers it unnecessary to supplement the image with accessories that would more fully reveal the heroine’s inner world, but would complicate the content. The artist very accurately creates a generalized image of the Russian beauty: cheerful, free, strong.

The process of posing itself appears before the viewer as pampering, fun. What the intentional folk manner of tying a scarf speaks of. The author’s irony does not overshadow the main thing from us - the beauty and naturalness of the heroine.

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