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Rodin Museum in Paris, France

Rodin Museum in Paris, France

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Not far from the Invalides, in the heart of Paris, surrounded by a magnificent park, stands the Biron mansion. Working on this amazing work commissioned by the Paris city authorities, the master created many sculptural sketches, fragments, sketches, samples. Now each of the works is unconditionally recognized as a masterpiece of world art. It's about Auguste Rodin.

The museum consists of three independent parts, which wonderfully complement and continue each other.

The first part is the park. Filigree trimmed trees, perfect paths. But the main thing is the sculptures of the great master, harmoniously located on the park sites. Here you can see the famous Thinker, the tragic Citizens of Calais, inspired by Beethoven, the Gates of Hell themselves at last.

The second part is the museum itself in the mansion. Here, in addition to Rodin's marble sculptures, a pictorial collection of the sculptor is presented, which includes the works of Monet and Van Gogh. There are halls where the work of Rodin's companion, Camille Claudel, is collected. For many, it will be a discovery that the master tried himself in painting and photography. In total, the museum’s collection contains more than six thousand sculptures of the French genius, about eight thousand photographs, seven thousand other works of art.

The third part of the museum is the former chapel. This room contains a collection of antique artifacts that belonged to the master himself. In addition, exhibitions of contemporary art are held here.

The museum has a huge library, which contains all the literature on the work of Rodin.

The whole complex is open in the summer from ten in the morning until six in the evening. Monday is a day off. On Wednesdays, the exposure can be admired for up to nine hours.

Visiting the museum complex, you can buy a ticket for 1 euro, which gives the right to walk in the park. A full ticket, giving access to all the treasures, will cost 9 euros. Discounts are intended for young people from 18 to 25 years old - 7 euros (if you come from a country that is not part of the EU). Young people from Europe get a free ticket. Great offer for families: two adults with children must buy a ticket for 10 euros. In case you want to visit temporary exhibitions in the chapel or one of the museum’s many events, the ticket will cost you 6 euros.
The Rodin Museum is the third most popular in Paris. The pathos is held by the pathos Louvre, followed by the rich Orsay Museum. Rodin is loved not only by the French. The sculptor’s creativity has long crossed the borders of his homeland, becoming the property of the whole world.

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