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Picture of Boyars daughter, Surikov

Picture of Boyars daughter, Surikov

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Boyar's daughter - Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. 46x35

The sketch work of the great master is in its essence a finished work. A rich hat, a fur coat embroidered with gold, a colored scarf - testify to the boyar's status, wealth and influence of the heroine's family. The eyes of a young lady are filled with fear, pain and sympathy. A blush on her cheeks betrays the excitement of the heroine.

Considering the author’s work, separately and without any connection with the well-known canvas, one can note a brilliant style of writing. The ability to convey the texture of fabrics, fur. The outfit itself looks authentic, the author no doubt thoroughly studied the era, its features.

In the image of the heroine one can guess a strict family upbringing, modesty, and even some overcrowding. The appearance of the girl is completely devoid of boyar arrogance and pride. In her eyes you can read hopelessness, humility to fate. The hawthorn is by its nature quiet, incapable of protest, timid.

Hands folded with a cross on his chest tell about heroin no less than his eyes. Apparently, the girl is well acquainted with household chores: embroidery, weaving lace, spinning. The audience involuntarily imbued with sympathy and affection for heroine.

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