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Girls on the Bridge, Edward Munch, 1901

Girls on the Bridge, Edward Munch, 1901

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Girls on the bridge - Edward Munch. 136x125.5

Contemplation and serenity reign in this work of the great Norwegian. Three girls' figures in bright clothes allow us to think that everything happens on a day off.

The mood is gradually changing, a certain sadness comes. The day off is leaving, the girls are watching the runaway sun.

The reflection in the water does not coincide with what the artist depicted on the shore. A tall green tree on the water surface looks lifeless, dead. Symbolic designation of the absence of real life in the outback.

The red outfit of one of the heroines looks like a sharp challenge to those around. It is contrasted with provincial peace and quiet. Young thoughts are directed to the future. The figure gives the picture a temperament and emotionality.

The work was performed in a manner typical of Munch. Plastic lines seem to flow one into another, creating a feeling of softness and warmth.

The road running away from the picture, as a symbol of temporality and fragility of the plot. The author is trying to hint at the future.

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