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Pablo Picasso Pipe Boy

Pablo Picasso Pipe Boy

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The boy with the pipe - Pablo Picasso. 100x81.3

Once Picasso said about art: “I can not stand people who talk about the beautiful. This phrase can reveal a lot about the paintings of Pablo Picasso.

Art happens in different ways - some paintings delight us, because they are beautiful and aesthetic, others strike us with technical perfection and novelty of performance, while others awaken our awe of God. Pablo Picasso's painting “The Boy with the Pipe” is, strictly speaking, an art in a single genre, the genre of “originality”.

Would you like to hang a reproduction of the painting “Boy with a pipe” by P. Picasso at home and look at it every day - I think not. At home, I want peace for the eyes and rest for thought ...

“The boy with the pipe” makes us empathize, deeply feel what the author himself felt - on the boy’s face - touching melancholy, detachment and a kind of “posture”. In the relaxed figure of a boy - an echo of the early Picasso, who wrote harlequins, acrobats and circus artists from his "blue" period. An unexpected pink wreath on the boy’s head, a pipe in his hand and pink wallpaper behind his back give the whole picture a hint of grotesque and buffoonery.

Who is the actor or the unemployed, the apprentice or the circus artist, or just a friend of the artist, one of his sitters? Why guess? Before us is the great Master of mystifications, riddles and elusive meaning, one of his mirrors, his reflection. Look at him and see me - is this the intention of a true artist? Are these Dürer, Rembrandt or Van Dyck? Do not waste time in vain - Picasso did not give us direct answers, so he did not want to give. “Hidden harmony is better than obvious,” said P. Picasso.

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