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Dance of Life, Edward Munch, 1899

Dance of Life, Edward Munch, 1899

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Dance of Life - Edward Munch. 126x190.5

Life is a dance. If youth is full of impatient expectation of the start of the dance, then old age sadly watches couples, immersed in memories. The central couple is leisurely and thorough, the main thing in them is the enjoyment of the present. Passed youthful enthusiasm and fussiness, old age in the near future.

Experience and knowledge are the benefits of maturity. The central couple is immersed in themselves, surrounded by energetic young dancers, they create a special rhythm of work, its dramaturgy and action.

The color scheme of the composition is simple and elegant. Light tones of youth, rich red - maturity, old age - black. An interesting detail - the lunar path on the sea surface and the moon itself, when combined, form a human figure with outstretched arms. The moon is timeless, but, passionate about the dance of life, she tries to merge with people to experience what they are experiencing, performing this short dance for her.

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