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Cerralbo Museum, Madrid, Spain

Cerralbo Museum, Madrid, Spain

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Among the aristocrats of the Serralbo clan there were many scientists and truly educated people. Their passion for collecting art objects and an interest in history of a kind led to the fact that the Marquises of Serralbo gathered a rich collection of paintings, weapons, antiques.


A collection of medieval knightly equipment is presented, among which the tournament helmet of the founder of the clan Serralbo occupies an honorable place. A rich collection of cold steel weapons, samurai equipment, swords. Muskets and squeaked 17-18 centuries. Many objects of this part of the museum are connected with the military merits of representatives of the ducal family of the former owners of the house.


There are many ancient artifacts in the palace: dishes, sculpture, household items. Serralbo bought these items at many auctions in Europe and Asia. The sculpture of Greece and Rome is beautifully presented.

Porcelain and glass

Among the items in the porcelain collection are many of the services that the Serralbo family has used for many years. The graceful figurines, so popular in the second half of the 18th century, are interesting.


271 units in the collection of drawings of the museum. Among them are the sketches of El Greco, Veronese, Voscolli, Goya. A special place in the collection is given to the drawings of architects who created the building itself.


Over a thousand engravings are collected by the Marquises of Serralbo. The best examples of French and Spanish art schools.

Photo collection

From 1855 to 1922, the founders of the museum collected a huge number of photographs, many of which are of artistic and historical value.


A collection of books on the history of art, archeology, history. Ancient handwritten tomes, first prints.

Medals and awards

Among the awards of the Marquis of Serralbo, in the first place is the Order of the Golden Fleece, granted to the representative of the clan by one of the kings. The collection is extensive and each instance is interesting and unique.

Furniture and furnishings

Despite the fact that the Serralbo Palace is a museum today, its interior decoration almost completely preserves the features of an apartment building of the nobility of the 19-20 centuries. Exquisite furniture, unique chandeliers, expensive curtains. From this point of view, the innovations that appeared here at the beginning of the last century are interesting - a telephone, a mechanical alarm clock, etc. Tastefully furnished living rooms, bedrooms, reception rooms, offices. Everything retains the imprint of severe Spanish splendor, devoid of Italian lightness or French frivolity.


23,000 units. Coins are collected from all over the world. Among them are several antique, Chinese, Gallic. Widely represented medieval monetary diversity.


The picturesque collection of the museum is rich in masterpieces. El Greco, Velazquez, Zurbaran, Ribeira, Van Dyck, Tintoretto. Here you cannot find widely known works, so every visitor is guaranteed discoveries and surprises.


Clocks in the Serralbo house can be divided into English and French. Different mechanisms, different design. Especially the owners of the house did not collect watches, but treated them as an important component of the collection. For years, time in this house did not pass through the house, but accumulated in it.


In a separate collection of the museum one can distinguish a collection of tapestries of the 16-17th centuries. The heraldic theme on the one hand emphasizes the glorious history of the Serralbo clan, on the other hand it complements the interior, fills it with an ancient and mysterious atmosphere.

The museum is open from half past nine to three, on Thursday - from three to eight. Monday is a day off. The entrance fee is symbolic - 3 euro.

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