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Garden of Love, Rubens, 1632

Garden of Love, Rubens, 1632

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Garden of Love - Peter Paul Rubens. 198x283 cm

Before us is a painting by Rubens, written for himself, and not for sale. After several years of widowhood, his life is again filled with joy and family harmony, despite the great difference in age with his young wife. That is why the faces of all women on the artist’s canvas resemble the face of his beloved - beautifully contoured eyes, puffy lips, red cheeks, magnificent forms.

The appearance of both men in the picture also resembles Rubens' earlier self-portraits - both have Spanish beards and curly hair. Despite the fact that the artist depicted happy, peacefully resting people, the picture can hardly be called a cheerful one, on the faces there is a stamp of some reflection, reflection. The master, as if trying to stop the moment, captured many times himself and his young wife. Before us is not a passionate young man in the arms of a young lover, but mature, wise by life experience, and yet, incredibly happy Rubens.

To become in love with the surrounding landscape - cupids flying over their heads, pigeons and, on the right side of the canvas, the temple of Juno, the ancient goddess, the patroness of marriage.

The final picture can be considered a man and a woman on the right, going down the steps - she holds the feather of a peacock in her hands, like the seal of an accomplished marriage, he is about to touch the little dog with his foot, and a screeching sound will bring all those gathered out of a state of languid melancholy.

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